Covid-19 Info


Thank you to our Saints Community for your patience with our necessarily general communications during these extremely uncertain and rapidly changing and challenging times. Schools are, intrinsically, highly structured entities: the emergent unpredictable behaviour of the COVID-19 virus and the challenge of formulating wise and informed responses to it, has, made medium, and longer term, planning complex. However, we believe we have managed to respond with a plan that is achievable and maintains the Saints standard of excellence. Most importantly, we have striven to ensure that the conflicting demands of providing a rigorous learning environment that is also COVID-19 compliant, are met.

This website serves as a platform on which to house the more general Covid-19 related infromation for our Community for ease of access.  Please see the latest Operational Covid-19 Guidelines for Parents which apply to the full campus.  The more specific details relating to each of our schools will be communicated direclty to parents through thier chosen communications channels, but to access all Covid -19 related communications in our individual schools, the links below will directly to this information:

A phased in approach to resuming schooling taking into account strategic factors

In collaboration with the Department of Basic Education, independent schools have been given permission to phase in schooling at a rate that differs to public schools.   St Stithians College is intent to manage the return to school in a manner that ensures full adherance to all health requirements allows for proper orientation of all of our studnets and staff.  St Stithians College will, as per the announcement by the Department of Basic Education, commence with the return of our Grade 12s on Monday 1 June 2020 and Grade 7s on Friday 5 June 2020.  Our other Grades will be phased in thereafter and each of our schools will communicate directly with parents the fulll details of these returns as and when they take place.

We want to assure parents that  planning for what we are calling Saints' Phase 1 Return to School, during the period 1-26 June, has been governed by a number of strategic external and internal drivers, below we list just a few:

  • COVID-19 Workplan Requirements
  • DBE / ISASA determinations and guidelines
  • Saints Campus requirements and specifications (available venues, for example)
  • School staffing capacity (subject to their health risk profile) for onsite
  • Staffing capacity to maintain ODL during a phased-in approach
  • Information from parents
  • Schools’ particular requirements according to children’s developmental needs 
  • Respective educational philosophies (boys versus girls, for example)
  • Specific pedagogic approaches (IBL, for example)
  • Rector’s final approval of all planning

College Protocols and Policies

In accordance with the above, a number of College protocols, policies and procedures have been developed in order to ensrure that all of the above listed requirements are met.  These documents can be accessed below:

Return to School

We are cognisant that you can make a responsible call to send your child to school only once you are satisfied with our Health and Safety requirements. These are outlined in detail in the policies above. We request that you scrutinise these extremely carefully.  We are also well aware that some students will not be able to return to school due to having pre-existing medical conditions or living with relaltives who may be in a high risk category.  It is therefore the intent of St Sitthians College to offer a 'blended' learning approach in order to offer both on-site learning and continued Online and Distance Learning to make this possible.  Our individual schools will request feedback from parents ahead of the phasing in of classes to understand the number of students that will be returning as this will have a big impact on classrooms and logistical planning.

Campus Access & School Arrival 

If any staff member, student or parent is sick (with any symptoms - not just COVID-19 related symptoms), they are not to come to school please.
In the interests of being better able to control access during this restricted/phased schooling time, the following is in place:

All gates will be open from 06h45 to 09h00 to allow for those students at schools with staggered hours to enter and be at school on time and for the parents to leave. The gates will then be locked until collection time, with only Peter Place gate remaining open for any other pre-arranged access.

When accessing the Campus to drop off their children, parents will not be permitted to leave their vehicles -  please note that it is strictly “drop & go” . Staff will be present to accompany your children to and from class via the screening venues where trained personnel will daily administer the necessary screening procedures. The exception of this will be for the Junior Prep and lower grades of the Girls’ and Boys’ Preps, where parents will be allowed to escort their children to the screening station of their school, and a staff member will then escort them to their classrooms once screened in small groups - practicing social distancing at all times.The Campus is not open to the public for any recreational purposes whatsoever. No unnecessary visitors are allowed on site, and all access is strictly controlled including for residents and their families. All restaurants, cafes, and tuckshops are closed. The Chapel is not available. No Ubers are allowed on-site so parents are requested to make provision for children to be brought to school and fetched by family or caregivers. No person, including students, will be allowed on-site if their names have not been submitted ahead of time.

No person may enter the campus (visitors and contractors) without having filled in the access register, which will be available from the reception of the school or department concerned.

It would be appreciated if students and staff could get to school 30 minutes prior to school start time to ensure there are no delays in getting everyone screened and to school starting on time. At collection time, please stay in your vehicle and let your child/ren come to you. Again, for the JP and lower grades of the BP and GP – the children will be brought in small groups (practicing social distancing at all times) to the main parking areas, and parents to then collect their child and go straight back to their vehicles and leave the campus.  Please do not delay in fetching your children and leaving the campus.

Personal Protective Equipment Order Form

Please click on this link to access the order form for PPE.  Images of the equipment on offer can be found on the link.

Screening Protocol 

Staff, students, visitors and contractors are to be screened upon arrival at the campus each day – this is to be done by filling in the screening questionnaire and having one's temperature taken by the nurse, paramedic or teacher stationed at the screening station. Staff, students, visitors and contractors should have a temperature of equal to or less than 37.5°C. Once the staff member, student, visitor and / or contractor has been screened and is found to not be presenting with any symptoms, they will be given a sticker to place visibly on the front of their shirt as proofof clear screening result.  Please click here for the full Screening Protocol Procedure.

Standard Operating Procedures for Covid-19 Containment

St Stithians College has completed a full risk assesment of our Campus and in response has instituted operating procedures across the schools so as to mitigate the transmission of the virus.  The operating procedures (as outlined in the Workplace Plan listed above) are in accordance with those gazetted and are considered to be reasonable to avoid the spread of the virus.  It is imperitive that every individual keep to these requirements and for parents to insist that thier children adhere to these requirements at all times.

Shops/Restaurants on Campus

Higher Ground

The Higher Ground Restaurant has take the decision to remain closed until further notice.  We will keep the community informed and updated on this page as and when this changes.


Seattle will open from Thursday 17 June 2020 from the shop near the Aquatics Centre only.
Staff and students can collect their refreshments from there, practicing social distancing, wearing of masks at all times.
No seating or gatherings allowed on the deck of the coffee shop. Strictly order, collect and go please.
Tap and Go, Snapscan and Zapper payment options available. Cash can also be used.
Parents will be allowed to order take-aways by placing orders telephonically, which will be delivered to them in the parking above the squash courts so that they don’t have to get out of their vehicles - the numbers are: 010 0230 323 or 010 0230 322
Seattle have provided their workplace plan for how they will operate under the COVID-19 guidelines to ensure health and safety of all who work and buy from there.


Will open from Monday 22 June 2020 from the Girls' Prep and Boys' Prep trailers for now. 
Same as above applies regarding social distancing, wearing of masks, no sitting around the trailers. Strictly order, collect and go please.
Snapscan and card facility (which does require touching of keypad buttons as it’s not tap and go - keypads will be sanitised before and after each use) available. Cash can also be used.
Cupped have provided their workplace plan for how they will operate under the COVID-19 guidelines to ensure health and safety of all who work and buy from there.


For now, the tuckshops remain closed.

Other Shops on Campus:

Not related to coffee, but to also just mention that the Saints Physio are now open to appointments only and all protocols will be observed including access registers being completed, screening of patients, etc. Their workplace plan has been received. The Sports Republic and Stythian Shops are unable to open for now, and will be doing online orders and deliveries. More details about this will be included in school newsletters shortly.

Sports Events and Social Gatherings 

In line with the national lockdown regulations, these are cancelled and or postponed until indications from government permit otherwise. All sports facilities remain closed.

Calendar Adjustments 

No final decisions have been made as yet around adjustments to the 2020 School Calendar.  There are many internal and external factors that need to be taken into account in this decision-making process.  As soon as these decisions have been made, this will be communicated to One and All.


We are aware that many businesses will face severe challenges while we deal with the Covid-19 lockdown and the impact of the pandemic. We greatly appreciate our parents’ efforts to settle their accounts in full. In situations where parents experience unexpected cash flow constraints, we request that you inform us accordingly in writing ( of the specific circumstances and proposals. We will try and assist those hardest hit as best we can for as long as we can.

Our professional and administration staff are working flexibly and remotely while ensuring that core business continuity is achieved.  We request that during the Covid-19 lockdown you address correspondence to or phone 011 577 6270. We have made arrangements to ensure the switchboard is transferred.


St Stithians College has developed a Wellbeing Resource Space for One and All in our community to be able to access.  This website has been created and curated by several of our St Stithians College Psychologists and is intended as a collection of relevant links, information and activities to promote the development of wellbeing for our staff and our parents.  We hope that you find some content that is helpful or meaningful and wish you well on your wellbeing journey.


We realise that there is a lot of communication being sent to parents during these times, we thank you for your ongoing attention, we know that at times it can be overwhelming, but there is a lot of information that needs to be shared.  We have established a specific COVID-19 email address should you have specific questions related to our current situation. We encourage you to send through your questions to this address and we will respond accordingly. The address is .